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Other Morogoro Region, Tanzania
Greenfields Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • The asset is located in the southeast extend of Morogoro city at a distance of about 30 km. Two adjacent leases comprise a total of 29.19 square kilometres
  • Mineralization is strata-bound schistose formation with general strike in north-south orientation and a gentle dip of about 20 degrees towards west
  • Mineral is flaky in nature as observed in the graphite schist;.A 22% Total Carbon result is reported in the analytical reports for samples from trial pits.
  • Results of the survey indicate a very sound correlation of SP anomaly with surface indications; the 2D IP & indications of mineralization up to a depth of 75 m below ground level.
 Added 26/01/2019 , viewed 342 times.
Other Western Australia, Australia
Mining Equipment
Advanced Exploration For Sale  
  • Globally significant, undeveloped talc project with 2012 JORC Resource of 3.8Mt and 7-13Mt exploration target located near Three Springs.
  • Potentially a low cost operation with first ore within 1m of surface. Ex Rio Tinto pedigree project.
  • Operations would involve batch open pit mining, with low strip ratio and trucking to Geraldton Port for Export.
  • High quality microcrystalline deposit is 1 of only 3 in the world and is asbestos and crystalline silica free
 Added 10/09/2018 , viewed 1088 times.
Other Montana, United States
Heavy Minerals, Kaolin, Sand
Mining Operation Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Calcium bentonite with nontronite and associated minerals. 40 acre property, Licensed, Bonded, Permitted and in operation on owned property.
  • Extensive rare calcium bentonite resource body, both proven and indicated.
  • Multiple mature markets ready for products. Initial products development and markets testing done with great results. 50 and more years of high profits waiting.
  • Documentation and Due Diligence files available on request. Options and proposals for operation and/or ownership conversion considered.
 Added 16/03/2016 , viewed 1388 times.
Other Western Australia, Australia
Quartz, Silica
Advanced Exploration For Sale  
  • High grade silica sand Si02 99.8% occurring in the ground. Si02 can be upgraded to 99.995% after a simple washing process with low impurities.
  • Easy access to Kwinana Port less than 130kms from site. Can be bulk loadad
  • Estimated size of resource to be at least 40 million tonne (NON JORC)
  • Surface Mining to 4.5m depth allows for a cheaper operation
 Added 21/01/2016 , viewed 2304 times.
Other Lusaka, Zambia
Beryllium (Be), Emerald
Advanced Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Adjacent on of the Largest Emerald Mines in the World - Kagem - Gemfields. The License is 95 hectares
  • The license is prospective for Beryl & Emeralds within 2 pits. The small artisanal workings are currently producing Beryl
  • Funding has previously been provided by the EU and Ministry of Mines for Geological Survey to advance the knowledge of the project
  • Our mine is split between Kagem by Kafubu river, in the longrun this will assist in putting up a washing plant
 Added 14/05/2014 , viewed 2120 times.
Other Nunavut, Canada
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Proven diamond-bearing kimberlite field; coastal access
  • New generation of EM targets which have never been tested
  • KIM mineral chemistry indicates highly prospective diamondiferous mantle
  • Multi-million dollar KIM database. Project for sale or JV
 Added 06/02/2014 , viewed 2082 times.
Other Western Australia, Australia
Greenfields Exploration Farm In  
  • 1,300 sq km Potash Project
  • Proven KCl stratigraphy encountered historically
  • Geophysical targets to follow up
  • Previously drilled in 1960's
 Added 31/10/2012 , viewed 2032 times.
Other Lam Dong, Vietnam
Advanced Exploration For Sale  
  • All permits, compliance, licenses are secured
  • Favorable terms are granted by government.
  • Pilot plant, infrastructure/development plan are ready
 Added 18/07/2012 , viewed 2908 times.
Other Andhra Pradesh, India
Advanced Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • 100Mt ceramic and glass minerals
  • steady market
  • market demand
  • ready to start
 Added 17/01/2011 , viewed 2014 times.


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