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Precious Metals Arizona, United States
Gold (Au), Platinum (Pt), Silver (Ag)
Greenfields Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Property is located down-drainage from numerous historical mines, prospects, and shafts situated within the district.
  • Well-maintained gravel access road leading to the property.
  • Historical data indicates gold grades average about 0.2 ounces per ton, silver average 0.5, and platinum average 0.05 ounces per ton.
  • The general geology of the region is igneous and sedimentary rocks in complex association, and they range from Cambrian schists and genisses to tertiary or quaternary volcanic rocks.
 Added 23/10/2014 , viewed 1666 times.
Precious Metals British Columbia, Canada
Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Silver (Ag)
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • New developments as of August 2014 - copper porphyry mineralisation confirmed with significant copper grades.
  • Huge Skarn with 15% Cu plus 5 grams Au plus 64 grams Ag. on 15 tons.
  • 3 mineralized areas can be considered standalone deposits. Additionally a host of less-developed mineralization targets throughout the large property.
  • Proximate to a $600m 20-year copper mine.
 Added 18/09/2014 , viewed 1739 times.
Precious Metals Atacama Region, Chile
Copper (Cu), Gold (Au)
Advanced Exploration For Sale  
  • The Maricunga Belt, Atacama region in Chile contains resources in excess of 90 M OZ GOLD, 450 M ounces of silver, and 6.6 M tonnes of copper.
  • WE HAVE 18,000ha (100% owned) proximate to multiple Gold-Copper porphyry and associated large epithermal Gold-Silver epithermal deposits.
  • Intersects 2 large belts, property is along the Maricunga Belt, 70 M OZ AU.
 Added 04/09/2014 , viewed 2146 times.
Precious Metals Ayacucho, Peru
Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Lead (Pb), Silver (Ag), Zinc (Zn)
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Multiple projects between 300ha. and 5,800ha
  • Located in established mineral districts of central and southern Peru
  • Potential for copper, gold and polymetallic mineralisation
  • Peru has an Investment-grade rating, the lowest average inflation rate in Latin America, a favourable and stable legal framework, and is party to the Country Partnership Strategy with the World Bank.
 Added 28/08/2014 , viewed 1609 times.
Precious Metals Western Australia, Australia
Sand, Silica
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Approx 18 million tonnes of high grade yellow silica sand
  • Also contains deposits of quartz and gravel
  • Rights to mine
  • Privately held asset
 Added 27/08/2014 , viewed 2932 times.
Precious Metals Queensland, Australia
Gold (Au)
Mining Operation Joint Venture (JV)  
  • EPM with ML in application
  • One shaft produced 63 kilo of gold
  • The entire hill has recently been amalgamated into 1 holding. A large open cut is planned for the site.
  • Close to Brisbane
 Added 22/08/2014 , viewed 3552 times.
Precious Metals Western Australia, Australia
Gold (Au)
Advanced Exploration For Sale  
  • Existing 2012 JORC Code Resource >20,000 ounces. Selected high grade intersections include 4m @12.9g/t Au and 4m @ 16.4g/t Au
  • High - grade gold with excellent recovery (98%)
  • Existing resource open at depth and along strike and significant regional exploration potential
  • A detailed Information Memorandum and data room will be made available to interested parties that have entered into a Confidentiality Agreement.
 Added 19/08/2014 , viewed 3135 times.
Precious Metals New South Wales, Australia
Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Molybdenum (Mo), Silver (Ag), Tungsten (W)
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Project includes tungsten/molybdenum deposit, a copper mine and a gold deposit spread over two exploration licenses.
  • Mine discovered in 1902, extensive historical data available on copper-gold production indicated a large metalliferous system.
  • JORC Code-compliant high-grade tungsten-molybdenum inferred resource defined in 2008.
  • Drill results up to 24.21% WO3, 1.71% Mo, 12 g/t Au, and 0.45% Cu.
 Added 07/08/2014 , viewed 2826 times.
Precious Metals New South Wales, Australia
Silver (Ag)
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Tenement covers three known major deposits, including historical silver and arsenic mines.
  • Extensive historical data dating to 1969, incl. drill results of 216 oz/ton Ag over 5m and 687.5 oz/ton Ag over 1.5m.
  • Historically produced 400,000oz Ag and 600 tonnes of white arsenic.
  • Sulphide mineralisation extends beyond the historically identified silver vein, implying significant future drill targets.
 Added 07/08/2014 , viewed 2222 times.
Precious Metals Otjozondjupa, Namibia
Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Lead (Pb), Zinc (Zn)
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Mineralisation in the province includes Cu, Zn, Pb, and V, as well as Au (up to 110 ppb) and Ag (up to 3600 ppb).
  • Uranium (U) mineralization and radioactive counts have also been picked up in the area.
  • There have been at least three Copper mines, two Industrial mineral mines, and one base metal mine documented to have been in operational in the area of similar geological environment.
  • Previous collected samples indicate assay values of up to 43.3 % Cu.
 Added 18/06/2014 , viewed 1715 times.

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