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Other Montana, United States
Heavy Minerals, Kaolin, Sand
Mining Operation Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Calcium bentonite with nontronite and associated minerals. 40 acre property, Licensed, Bonded, Permitted and in operation on owned property.
  • Extensive rare calcium bentonite resource body, both proven and indicated.
  • Multiple mature markets ready for products. Initial products development and markets testing done with great results. 50 and more years of high profits waiting.
  • Documentation and Due Diligence files available on request. Options and proposals for operation and/or ownership conversion considered.
 Added 16/03/2016 , viewed 1388 times.
Precious Metals Arizona, United States
Gold (Au), Platinum (Pt), Silver (Ag)
Greenfields Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Property is located down-drainage from numerous historical mines, prospects, and shafts situated within the district.
  • Well-maintained gravel access road leading to the property.
  • Historical data indicates gold grades average about 0.2 ounces per ton, silver average 0.5, and platinum average 0.05 ounces per ton.
  • The general geology of the region is igneous and sedimentary rocks in complex association, and they range from Cambrian schists and genisses to tertiary or quaternary volcanic rocks.
 Added 23/10/2014 , viewed 1877 times.
Base Metals Michigan, United States
Nickel (Ni), Copper (Cu)
Greenfields Exploration Sold  
  • Targets with strong geophysical and geological traits
  • Proximity to high grade Rio Tinto Eagle deposit
  • Drill target easily tested
 Added 29/01/2013 , viewed 1936 times.


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