What is MiningAssets? 

We are an online register of exploration tenements and mining projects for sale, joint venture, and farm-in. We provide simple, efficient, and cost effective means of finding commercial partners; whether you’re buying, selling, or both.

Mining Assets was founded in 2004, and since then we have listed hundreds of projects for our subscribers. As we are based in Australia, the majority of our listed projects have come from ‘Down Under’. Now that we've launched our new website, we’re seeing increasing interest coming from overseas; with a growing number of listings in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Regular corporate transactions are testament to the quality of projects listed on Mining Assets. Feel free to browse a sample of our sold projects.


Selling your project on Mining Assets is quick and easy, and most importantly free of charge:

Free: Listing your project on Mining Assets is completely free of charge. There are no listing, brokerage, sale, or finder’s fees.
Easy: Our five step process is simple - we guide you with handy tips and examples to make sure your project looks as good as possible to prospective buyers
Genuine Buyers: While a summary version of your project is free for all to view, due to our subscription-based model only genuine buyers will have access to your full project details.

Never assume people know you are selling a project. Not all prospective buyers will come from within your personal networks, or have the time to scour quarterly reports and announcements to find your project. Mining Assets is the place to view projects, assess their value and connect with the vendor.



Mining Assets is a project pipeline at your fingertips.

Great coverage: Mining Assets subscribers have access to hundreds of projects in a variety of commodities and locations.
Detailed information: Subscribing to Mining Assets give you access to the full technical and corporate data of all projects in the register.
User friendly: Our listings present only priority technical information, so buyers can quickly and easily assess projects. No wading through pages of memorandums or navigating data rooms.
Expand your networks: The mining industry has historically relied on personal networks to buy and sell projects. Mining Assets immediately expands your network, putting you in contact with sellers across the globe.
Deal directly with the vendor: With a subscription you will be dealing directly with the vendor, the managers of mining companies, and owners of projects worldwide.


How MiningAssets works?

There are two options for engaging with Mining Assets;

Free Membership

Sign up as a free member by entering your e-mail address and a password. Note that you can preview our website without an account, but buy and sell functionality will be restricted.

Your free Membership will give you:

Basic search functionality for our project database

The ability to list your project for sale, joint venture, and farm-in - with no fees to list or sell

An account area to keep track of your projects submitted and bookmarked.



Upgrade from free membership to subscriber to access comprehensive information on projects for sale, all viewable through our signature Search by Map function.

Your subscription will give you:

Access to an interactive world map brimming with projects.

The power to filter by commodity, property intention and location.

Secure and confidential means of contacting vendors.

Detailed descriptions, geology, resources and reserves estimates, and all other available documentation.



One Off Subscriber - $975

This one-off fee will allow you access to all projects (full details) on the register for 7 days. This option is perfect if you’ve seen something you like on the site, but a 12-month subscription breaks your budget.  You can log in and view your project of interest as well as all other relevant projects on our database.  At the end of the 7 days your account will switch back to ‘free membership’ status.

Full Subscriber - $1,795

This annual fee will allow you to view all projects on the register, as well as all projects listed in the following 12 months. As a full subscriber you  can also let us know what sort of projects you are looking for and we can help find them for you.


Membership Comparison

  Price Project Highlights Commodity Grouping List a Project For Sale Search Functionality Map Functionality Project Description Detailed Project Info Vendor Contact Details
Visitor Free Yes Yes No No No No No No
Member Free Yes Yes Yes Limited Limited Limited No No
Subscriber Payment Required Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

No: Not available     Limited: Limited      Yes: Available




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