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Other Morogoro Region, Tanzania
Greenfields Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • The asset is located in the southeast extend of Morogoro city at a distance of about 30 km. Two adjacent leases comprise a total of 29.19 square kilometres
  • Mineralization is strata-bound schistose formation with general strike in north-south orientation and a gentle dip of about 20 degrees towards west
  • Mineral is flaky in nature as observed in the graphite schist;.A 22% Total Carbon result is reported in the analytical reports for samples from trial pits.
  • Results of the survey indicate a very sound correlation of SP anomaly with surface indications; the 2D IP & indications of mineralization up to a depth of 75 m below ground level.
 Added 26/01/2019 , viewed 1839 times.
Specialty Metals Western Australia, Australia
Lithium (Li)
Advanced Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Large tenement package adjacent to pedigree Lithium belt with one large operational mine.
  • Numerous LCT type pegmatites occur in outcrop and limited drilling, spodumene and lithium micas present
  • Conceptual target - deep feeder style to adjacent lithium mine potential.
  • Rock chip Lithium results up to 5% Li20, Rubidium up to 2%, Ceasium up to 0.7%
 Added 30/07/2018 , viewed 4345 times.
Precious Metals Queensland, Australia
Cobalt (Co), Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Lead (Pb), Silver (Ag), Zinc (Zn)
Greenfields Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • The project covers old copper cobalt workings going 24 % copper and 2.5 % cobalt and 1.8 grams gold. One of a few sulphide cobalt prospects available to explore
  • Old lead silver gold workings with a small of tonnage of silver lead ore mined , best gold assay 13 grams per ton
  • Recent rock chip and soil sampling programmes have found extensions of these systems with very good assay results from ALS perth
  • This is a very exciting prospect for Cobalt , copper , lead , zinc , silver and gold ,
 Added 10/12/2017 , viewed 5668 times.
Precious Metals Mwanza, Tanzania
Gold (Au)
Plant \ Equipment Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Vat leaching Gold processing plant with approx 1600t/month processing capacity expandable to 6000t/month
  • Peaceful and stable environment of Tanzania
  • Established and enthusiastic team to work with
  • Looking for genuine JV opportunities with near term production potential
 Added 02/07/2016 , viewed 3132 times.
Precious Metals Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea
Gold (Au)
Mining Operation Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Alluvial Gold Mine Project as a Joint Venture (49%) with local landowners with 4 x Leases covering 111,000 square metres.
  • Partially cleared site with some accommodation. Reliable water and road access.
  • The mine comes exclusive of equipment.
  • Early results show AU yields of 2.5-5.2 grams per cubic metre, however third-party testing in the immediate area has shown significantly higher yields.
 Added 24/06/2016 , viewed 4710 times.
Other Montana, United States
Heavy Minerals, Kaolin, Sand
Mining Operation Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Calcium bentonite with nontronite and associated minerals. 40 acre property, Licensed, Bonded, Permitted and in operation on owned property.
  • Extensive rare calcium bentonite resource body, both proven and indicated.
  • Multiple mature markets ready for products. Initial products development and markets testing done with great results. 50 and more years of high profits waiting.
  • Documentation and Due Diligence files available on request. Options and proposals for operation and/or ownership conversion considered.
 Added 16/03/2016 , viewed 2916 times.
Energy Western Australia, Australia
Greenfields Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Coal project adjacent to the existing Collie Sub-basin coal deposit with confirmed resources in excess of 700mt.
  • The Coal project sits within this region and has potential for large tonnage. Early drilling suggests Collie Sub-basin extends south ward.
  • Early drilling/regional data suite reviewed. Analysis has been completed by independent geologists and geophysicist, information is aligned with CRA, Exxon and Shell concealed basins data.
  • Coal project is well positioned and offers low cost entry circa $50,000, with potential for shallow quality resource.
 Added 08/03/2016 , viewed 3721 times.
Precious Metals South Australia, Australia
Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Rare Earth Elements, Uranium (U)
Greenfields Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • Located in the Eastern Gawler Craton, between Prominent Hill and Olympic Dam IOCG deposits, highly prospective geological region, Hiltaba aged intrusives present
  • Large contiguous land position, held 100%
  • Underexplored
  • Recent modern geophysical datasets identifying multiple targets, similar in geophysical response to Carrapateena and Khamsin, awaiting inversion analysis.
 Added 26/06/2015 , viewed 4053 times.


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