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Base Metals Western Australia, Australia
Copper (Cu), Heavy Minerals, Nickel (Ni), Platinum (Pt)
Greenfields Exploration Sold  
  • Untested metamorphosed mafic targets coincident with magnetic high anomalies with anomalous PGE along Albany-Fraser Tectonic Zone
  • Shallow cover, easy access, targets on private land and can be quickly tested.
  • Tightly held area
  • Also contains a 25mt HM deposit.
 Added 05/09/2013 , viewed 1820 times.
Base Metals Western Australia, Australia
Cobalt (Co), Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Nickel (Ni)
Greenfields Exploration Sold  
  • Area of 163 square km located in the Fraser Zone of the Albany-Fraser Orogen
  • Prospective for Nova-style Ni-Cu deposits. Ultramafic and mafic rocks present.
  • Soil anomaly peaks of Au (660ppb), Ni (282ppm), Co (87ppm), Cu (75ppm), Pd (238ppb)& Pt (53ppb).
  • No electrical geophysics (EM) has been completed over the target areas.
 Added 25/08/2013 , viewed 2492 times.
Base Metals Finnmark, Norway
Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag)
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Sediment hosted Cu-Ag-Au mineralisation traced over several km's in all three prospect areas
  • Multiple rockchip samples grading up to 27.4% Cu & 151g/t Ag (outcrop) and 40% Cu & 300g/t Ag (boulders)
  • Recently flown EM generated multiple conductors that require immediate drill testing
  • Recent discovery with significant tonnage potential requiring drill testing
 Added 16/08/2013 , viewed 1972 times.
Base Metals Western Australia, Australia
Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Nickel (Ni)
Advanced Exploration For Sale  
  • Numerous drill holes ending in mineralisation with up to 0.46% Ni and anomalous Cu
  • Large target - up to 800m strike length and 550m wide
  • Shallow nickel intersections - drilling all less than 20m deep
  • Interpreted greenstone belt on recent geology - multiple targets on 200km2 tenement
 Added 05/08/2013 , viewed 2204 times.
Base Metals South Australia, Australia
Nickel (Ni)
Greenfields Exploration Sold  
  • Nickel greenfields opportunity
  • Underexplored
  • Prospective geological setting
  • Large land position available
 Added 31/07/2013 , viewed 1785 times.
Base Metals Ancash Region, Peru
Copper (Cu), Molybdenum (Mo), Silver (Ag), Zinc (Zn)
Greenfields Exploration other  
  • Qtz veins upto 4.4% Cu and 108g/t Ag
  • Highly prospective porphyry copper belt
  • High Grade Zn Skarns (mantos) up tp 10.5% Zn
  • Drill ready targets based on co-incident geophysics
 Added 16/07/2013 , viewed 1822 times.
Base Metals Western Australia, Australia
Nickel (Ni)
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Close proximity to large high grade Ni mines
  • Limited historical exploration for Nickel
  • Strategically positioned package of Ni Sulphide project
  • Significant economic potential in each of the projects
 Added 05/03/2013 , viewed 2292 times.
Base Metals New South Wales, Australia
Nickel (Ni), Cobalt (Co)
Advanced Exploration For Sale  
  • Resource at shallow depth (approx 35m)
  • Road, rail, electricity, gas, work force, airport
  • Rural area, no environmental concerns
  • Politically stable, local government support
 Added 14/02/2013 , viewed 2174 times.
Base Metals Michigan, United States
Nickel (Ni), Copper (Cu)
Greenfields Exploration Sold  
  • Targets with strong geophysical and geological traits
  • Proximity to high grade Rio Tinto Eagle deposit
  • Drill target easily tested
 Added 29/01/2013 , viewed 1702 times.
Base Metals Eastern Cape, South Africa
Nickel (Ni), Copper (Cu)
Greenfields Exploration Joint Venture (JV)  
  • rock chip grades of grades up to 12% Ni / 11%Cu
  • 10km strike of sulphide mineralization delineated
  • Well-developed infrastructure and easy access
  • Significant exploration completed
 Added 05/11/2012 , viewed 1602 times.

Showing 21-30 (of 43)
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