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Bulk Commodities Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Gravel, Silica
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) deposit in excess 130 millions tons. 70% CaCO3 from surface
  • Clinker and cement raw material supplier. Bulk sample completed to establish grade of the limestone
  • 54 Km south of Santiago, 10km from main road
  • estimated production from 300 million to 700 million. Offers for 50% ownership min USD30mill
 Added 27/12/2016 , viewed 2600 times.
Bulk Commodities Western Australia, Australia
Carbon ( C ), Cobalt (Co), Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Nickel (Ni), Phosphate, Potash, Rare Earth Elements, Silica, Silver (Ag), Sulfur (S), Titanium (Ti), Zinc (Zn)
Mining Operation Sold  
  • The Copper-Gold Mine ceased production in 1971 due to low metal prices, having produced 786,835t of ore for 14,250t of copper and 22,843oz of gold with silver credits.
  • The business has the product eligible for a Biological Farmers Association certificate, stating the product is suitable for Organic Farming use.
  • Paxton product range is principally derived from high levels of trace elements, including gold, iron and copper that are contained in the base resources of each fertiliser product.
  • The opening of the copper mines new targets could produce a further 50 million tonnes to be used as fertiliser in the coming years.
 Added 23/10/2015 , viewed 3626 times.
Bulk Commodities Alberta, Canada
Mining Operation For Sale  
  • Prime Hard Coking Coal Huge Deposits - Measured, Indicated and Inferred Resources - 384mt
  • The Company has a stake in a port development project and access to road and rail infrastructure.
  • Gain exposure to one of the most active coal basins in a mining friendly jurisdiction with excellent infrastructure in place.
  • Strategically located leases adjacent to major projects provide logical buyers and partnership opportunities.
 Added 05/04/2015 , viewed 3255 times.
Bulk Commodities Nimba, Liberia
Gold (Au), Iron (Fe)
Greenfields Exploration For Sale  
  • Adjacent to Arcelor Mittal and Humming Bird at the renowned Mount Nimba
  • Two tenements registered for Iron ore and Gold
  • Fe Initial samples confirms 57%-35% mass recovery and 60% Fe product in haematite and magnetite at 3.35mm crush.
  • Possible accquisation of the company with all the licenses (Tax/EPA/mining act 2014)
 Added 31/03/2015 , viewed 3076 times.
Bulk Commodities Western Australia, Australia
Iron (Fe)
Advanced Exploration Sold  
  • seven tenements registered for iron ore covering approximately 680 km2
  • From outcrop a defined JORC 2004 compliant Inferred Iron ore resource 4.3mt average 55.2% Fe and up to 59.9%Fe
  • Advanced exploration - detailed gravity survey of 2,192 stations, surface sampling and mapping, drilling of 98 boreholes with a total of 5,609m
  • potential for other resources up to 64.9% Fe and untested potential for deeper haematite and magnetite resources
 Added 10/04/2014 , viewed 4025 times.
Bulk Commodities Minas Gerais, Brazil
Iron Ore (Fe)
Greenfields Exploration Sold  
  • Large greenfields package of exploration tenements
  • Prospective stratigraphy ? 5km of strike Itabira Group
  • Excellent location in the Iron Quadrilateral
  • Strong local domestic demand for itabirite ore
 Added 18/02/2013 , viewed 3677 times.
Bulk Commodities Western Australia, Australia
Greenfields Exploration Sold  
  • Part of Australia's largest undeveloped bauxite deposit
  • Unique mineralogy - entirely metallic oxides - no clays
  • Elevated plateau with ocean frontage proximal China/ME.
  • Proximal proposed gas pipeline potential port/process
 Added 07/09/2011 , viewed 4197 times.
Bulk Commodities Western Australia, Australia
Nickel (Ni), Zinc (Zn), Iron Ore (Fe)
Greenfields Exploration Sold  
  • 15-20km of prospective strike of iron formation
  • 100% ownership
  • proximal infrastructure
 Added 19/05/2011 , viewed 3204 times.
Bulk Commodities Queensland, Australia
Greenfields Exploration Sold  
  • Extensive pisolitic laterite adjacent to Weipa deposits
  • Potential for world class deposit
 Added 22/08/2008 , viewed 2713 times.
Bulk Commodities Western Australia, Australia
Iron Ore (Fe)
Advanced Exploration Sold  
  • Concentrate grade of 66.5% Fe.
  • 24m at 30.8% Fe, 50m at 22.5% Fe.
  • Larger magnetic formation to the east yet to be tested.
  • Tantalizing IOCG, Au & Ni-Cu potential near Tropicana.
 Added 14/02/2007 , viewed 3071 times.


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